Dr. Ron Doctor works with a wide range of adult clients who come in with a variety of complaints or problems.

Many are outwardly successful but inwardly suffering from anxiety and depression, chronic doubts, dissatisfactions and are looking for meaningful connections and a greater sense of personal happiness and a feeling of being alive.

The work is primarily verbal-cognitive therapy with focus on conditioned somatic and cognitive reactions that drive dysfunctional present behaviors. Dr. Ron Doctor uses Somatic Experiencing and EMDR with almost every client to process past experiences that intensify current difficulties and behavioral methods to enhance the development of new, previously absent, adjustive behaviors.


    Following is a list of typical client issues, but Dr. Ron Doctor's psychotherapeutic practice is not limited to these concerns:

  • Panic & Anxiety

    Unexpected or unwanted arousal (heart palpitations, intense breathing, feeling afraid, etc.) that often seems to come out of the blue. Medications are typically prescribed but behavior treatment can supplement medication and eventually replace them. Behavioral treatment offers a more permanent healing whereas medication does not.


  • Fear of Flying

    Anxiety experienced both in airplanes (often when unknown events occur or during turbulence) and in the anticipation of flying.  This anticipatory anxiety is created within ourselves and makes the prospects of flying much more difficult.

  • Multiple Traumas

    Bullying, criticism, repeated accidents, multiple operations or medical events.

  • Traumatic Childhood

    Child abuse that generally occurs over a period of time and may involve neglect, sexual,  physical or psychological/emotional intrusions.  Generally, we avoid any thoughts or feelings associated with these events but they are subconscious and will influence current behavior and intensify emotional reactions.

  • Single Incident Trauma

    This is often caused by medical procedures, auto accidents and unexpected life threatening events.  These frightening events limit associated behavior such as driving, seeing the dentist or doctor, speaking up, self-esteem, and so on.  Often single event trauma occurs in childhood and can have lasting effects on adult life.

  • Stress Related Disorders

    Physical and psychological disorders such as ulcers, chronic fatigue, depression, or  addictions.

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