• Therapy involves making changes in emotional reactions and unproductive behavior.  

    As a therapist,  I individualize treatment to the needs and goals set by the client.  Often, however, what starts out in one direction may shift and change to another as therapist and client find new insights and discoveries. Some clients wish to work on specific problem areas while others want much more.  As it should be, the client chooses the direction and goals of the therapy.

    There is an adage that I have found to be quite true with clients: "Fate leads us to our path, but consciousness guides us on it."

  • Step 1: Initial Contact

  • (1) Dr. Ron Doctor suggests you talk for a while by telephone or correspond by email to see if there is an initial sense that he is the right person for your situation.

    (2) If not, he will make every effort to refer you to someone else who might be helpful to you.

    (3) If it seems to be a good match, he will schedule an initial consultation to further your discussion and assessment of each other.

  • Step 2: First Meeting

  • The initial meeting is to establish contact, discuss what brought you to his office, what you hope to achieve and how you and Dr. Ron Doctor might work together. If you are in crisis and need to dive right in, he will do so. He brings a very strong intuitive presence to these initial sessions and that often helps us quickly identify core issues.

    The important part of therapy, however, is “working through” to make needed changes and that may take some time. After a few sessions you will know if things seem right to continue with our journey together.

  • Correspond with Ron Doctor, Ph.D

    Send Dr. Ron Doctor a short message below to begin initial contact & dialogue. He will be in touch shortly.
  • Contact Form

  • Office Policies

    • Telephone:  Dr. Ron Doctor's direct number is (310)230-9804 and you can leave a message there at any time. He is generally able to return calls within 24 hours Monday through Friday.
    • E-mail:  You can send emails directly to Dr. Ron Doctor at and he can usually reply within 24 hours.  Be advised, though, that emails are not secure or confidential forms of communication so if you choose to use it he will respond with only his initials and avoid any personal references.
    • Availability:  Dr. Ron Doctor see clients on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays. His office is located about 5 miles from Santa Monica.
    • Insurance:  For a variety of reasons, some of them clinical, some of them practical,  Dr. Ron Doctor does not work directly with insurance companies. You will have to pay for your psychotherapy out-of-pocket and, if you have mental health benefits, get reimbursed by your insurance carrier.  You’ll need to check your policy or contact your insurance carrier to see what kind of reimbursement you can expect to receive as it varies a great deal from company to company and policy to policy.  The point here is that Dr. Ron Doctor is working for you and he is not bound by limitations and restrictions imposed by your insurance company.  It also allows you to maintain control of the information from our sessions.
    • Session Length & Frequency:  Individual sessions are 50 minutes in length and typically once a week unless circumstances dictate a twice a week schedule.
    • Cancellations: Dr. Ron Doctor charges for scheduled appointments that are missed or cancelled with less than a 24 hour notice.