Ron Doctor, Ph.D

Ron Doctor, Ph.D is an Emeritus University Professor of Psychology, a graduate school instructor, author of nine books and many peer reviewed scientific studies, an active researcher and a practicing clinical psychologist.

He has trained therapists in Somatic Experiencing (SE), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and cognitive-behavioral therapies and has been active in forming professional associations in the areas of anxiety and trauma. He is a founding board member of The Anxiety and Depression Association of America and the EMDR International Association. He is a Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress and a licensed psychologist with a private clinical practice in the West Angeles area. He founded the Freedom to Fly Program for fearful flyers in Los Angeles in the 1980’s and published the pioneer studies of treatment for the fear of flying.

Dr. Ron Doctor has appeared on many local televisions programs (ABC, CBS and two morning shows) to describe his work. He has a general practice but specializes in the treatment of trauma related disorders, adjustment reactions, anxiety disorders and depression.

  • Dr. Ron Doctor’s qualifications include:

    • Licensed Clinical Psychologist, California
    • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT), California
    • M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Illinois
    • Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress
    • Diplomat, International Academy of Behavioral Medicine
    • Fellow, American Academy of Behavioral Medicine
    • Certified Somatic Experiencing Therapy Practitioner
    • Certified EMDR Practitioner, Trainer and Senior Facilitator
    • Reviewing Editor for many professional books and scientific journals
    • Served on the Boards of the Anxiety Association of America and the EMDR International Association
    • Therapist and group leader  in working with people who are afraid to fly
    • Expert witness at legal and court proceedings
    • Professor Emeritus, California State University, Northridge, California
    • Adjunct Professor, University of the Balaeric Islands, Spain
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  • More About Dr. Ron Doctor…

    Ron Doctor, Ph.D is an Emeritus Professor at CSUN, having been a tenured Professor there since the 1970s.  He has been teaching graduate courses at The Chicago School in Santa Barbara and at the University of the Balearic Islands in Mallorca, Spain.  He teaches courses in Clinical and Abnormal Psychology and seminars and practicum in Anxiety and Trauma Disorders and Clinical Skills.

    He has been active in research and scholarly scientific pursuits.  He authored over 50 peer reviewed empirical articles, numerous chapters in books, and seven books of his own (two of which are in the self-help area) and is regularly called on to review articles for scientific and APA journals and text books for University courses.  He was Co-Principal Investigator on an $800,000 research project involving behavioral intervention with abusive and at-risk parents.

    In the clinical area, he was initially trained (and Interned at a Neuropsychiatric Institute) in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy but quickly switched to become a Behavior Therapist after seeing the failure and inefficiency of the psychoanalytic approach with clients. He has been intimately involved with new treatment methods and new paradigms into this third generation of Behavior Therapy.  For the past 30 years, he has conducted Fear of Flying workshops using cognitive behavioral methods, Somatic Experiencing and EMDR.  In long term follow up evaluations, 85% of participants were flying, one year or more after taking the Workshop, with more comfort, and less fear and anticipation. 

    Although he has a general practice in psychology, he specializes in three major areas.  The first is stress and stress reduction.  The second is in all forms of anxiety disorders using exposure, cognitive behavioral and Somatic Experiencing and EMDR methods.  The third area is the focus on trauma. He has been very active in training therapists in the use of EMDR. He is a Fellow in the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress, a Certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and a Senior Facilitator, Trainer and Approved Consultant with the EMDR Institute.