• 8 Steps to Overcoming Fear of Flying

    If you have a fear of flying you are not along. Almost one of every three adult Americans are afraid to fly (including airline personnel). Here are some easy steps to begin to fly more comfortably that come from our experience as psychologists working with this form of anxiety. 8 STEPS TO … Continue Reading…

    8 Steps to Overcoming Fear of Flying
  • Trauma and Our Society

    Trauma and our society  As Bob Dylan once noted some years ago in his popular song, “The Times Are A-Changin’,” and it appears that in the twenty-first century, they are a-changin’ rapidly and drastically in relation to many core beliefs about mental health and illness. In fact, society seems to … Continue Reading…

    Trauma and Our Society
  • The Heart as Soul

    Call someone intelligent and we typically refer to one's intellectual ability or 'brain' power and not the heart. But research shows that the heart is in fact intelligent, too. The brain in the head is dutifully obeying messages that are being sent from another brain, the one in the heart.  The … Continue Reading…

    The Heart as Soul

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